Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier Review

What is the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air PurifierCoway AP-1512HH Air PurifierThe Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier could be perfect for you if you’re looking for a relatively small but powerful air purifier, capable of removing dust, smoke and allergens. It is also able to minimize your energy bills without being expensive to buy or maintain, .

The Coway Mighty Air Purifier is packaged as a fairly compact unit.


Coway AP-1512HH Description and Specification

It has an unusual rounded square shape compared to most air purifiers which are usually rectangular or column like in shape. Its relatively small size makes it easy for you to move it about your home when you need to.

This air purifier comes in either a black or white finish with all of its controls set out in a strip on its top. This unit is capable of purifying rooms up to 361 sq.ft. in size (about 20ft x 18ft). As for specs, the AP-1512HH weighs 16.45 lbs (about 7.5Kg) and has a size of 18 x 17 x 10 inches.

The AP-1512HH is a relatively quiet unit which comes loaded with features designed to keep your indoor air clean. Its designed to get rid of lingering bad odors and extract harmful pollutants from the air you breathe. It also has lots of useful features to make it easy for you to monitor its effectiveness.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier Filter Technology

This air purifier has True HEPA technology so it is capable of filtering out up 99.97 percent of particles from your room, (as opposed to standard HEPA filter which only remove up to 99.9 percent). This makes it 3 times more effective than air purifiers with ordinary HEPA filters.

[contextazon id=’1′]The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier uses a 4 stage filtration system with different types and sizes of particle getting filtered out at each stage.

This 4 tier attack system incorporates the best from two different types of air purifier technology.Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier Filters

Coway Pre-Filter

First of all the Coway has an initial Pre-filter stage. This is a washable filter that captures dust particles first before they get to the other filters. You can simply vacuum clean and  wash it with water every 2-4 weeks. You don’t actually need to change it. This helps your other filters to last longer before they need to be replaced and saves you money.

Carbon Filter

Next there is a carbon pre-filter. Carbon is a naturally absorbent material effective for removing odors and larger particles (from 2.0 microns and above size) from your rooms. So you can get rid of particles such as mold in the air, pet hairs and cigarette smoke. In the Conway Air Purifier, your carbon filter will help remove bad odors from the air.

Air purifiers with Carbon filters help get rid of the larger particles first. They also extend your HEPA filter’s lifespan by stopping it from getting clogged up as quickly. You’ll need to replace your Carbon filter about once every six months.

True HEPA Filter

Thirdly, you have your True HEPA filters. These effectively remove small particles such as fine dust, allergens and virus bearing particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air. They also reduce airborne bacteria and mold spores. Particles this size are too small for you to see with your eyes, but large enough to cause damage to your lungs.

If you suffer from allergies caused by air-borne allergens you will benefit from using a purifier with a True HEPA air purifier. That’s  because allergenic particles are not trapped by ordinary HEPA filters or most other filters. You will only need to replace the True HEPA filter for this unit once a year.

Vital Ion Technology

Finally, the Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier has unique Vital Ion technology as its last stage for eliminating pollutants from your air. Unlike the other stages, vital ion isn’t actually a filter.

It works by releasing a stream of negatively charged electrostatic ions. These negatively electrify the dust in your room . The dust is then attracted to, and collected by positively charged plates in your air purifier.

In a lot of cases ionic air purifiers are not effective because they lack fans. This means they can only pick up particles that drift by closely. However, the Coway Air Purifier has a powerful fan.  It can also use the ionizer to pick up any particles that escape the other 3 filters.

Ionizing Air Purifiers and Ozone

You should note that ionizing air purifiers often tend to produce ozone which can be harmful to breathing. Even though Ozone is good for the environment. Its only useful when it’s in the upper atmosphere shielding against harmful Sun radiation. Otherwise, Ozone is quite poisonous. Indeed, the California Air Resources Board banned all devices that create an ozone concentration of more than 50 parts per billion in 2009.

However, the quantity of ozone the Coway 1512 HH produces is less than 0.050 parts per million. The AP1512HH has been certified by the California EPA Air Resources Board ( as either not producing ozone at all, or emitting ozone in a concentration of less than 0.050 parts per million. This is not enough ozone to cause any harm to your lungs.

In any case, since this isn’t a passive filter, you can switch off the Vital Ion functionality if you don’t wish to use it.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier Features

Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier Controls

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier – Air Quality Indicator

Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier IndicatorSo that’s how it cleans your air, but what about its other features?

Everyone who buys an air purifier would like to be sure that it’s actually working. By which I of course don’t mean that it switching on and runs, but that it’s actually cleaning up your air. Air purifiers don’t tend to come with meters that show the level of pollutants in the air or how effective they are at improving your air quality.

The Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier has built in particle sensing technology which helps you in two different ways. First of all it triggers an air quality indicator light on top of the unit. This changes color depending on the air quality in your room. So if the air quality is good you will see a blue light. If it’s polluted you’ll see dark purple, and if it’s highly polluted you’ll see a red light.

This way you can not only see how polluted your room is and also see how effective (and fast) your purifier is at cleansing the air.

Automatic Particle Detection and Control

Besides this feature the Coway air purifier’s particle sensor automatically changes the settings on the appliance. Essentially, it speeds up its fan to top speed once high levels of pollutants are detected in the air. While you may think this will make it quite expensive to run, it actually isn’t. The Coway AP-1512HH’s fan automatically stops running to save energy once no pollutants are discovered for 30 minutes. This is a rather useful feature.

Air Flow Control / Air Fan Speed

Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier Air Flow ControlsYou can set this unit’s fans to run at any of 3 Speeds or you can set it to Auto Mode or Eco Mode. Eco mode is designed to use as little energy as possible. In this mode the unit will switch off its fan automatically 30 minutes after it stops detecting any particles.

In Auto Mode the purifier’s airflow speed is automatically adjusted based on the quality level of the air in the room.

Sensor Sensitivity Level Settings
Unlike most air purifiers, you can set the sensitivity of the air particle sensor to any of 3 settings: Insensitive, Low Sensitivity and High Sensitivity.



Air Filter Replacement Indicators

Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier Filter replacement lights
So how do you know when it’s time to replace your filters? This is easy because The AP-1512HH monitors its filter replacement cycle. It then   switches on the appropriate indicator light for the filter that needs to be changed.






Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier Timer

If you want control how long you want the air purifier to run before switching off, that’s easy. You can easily set it to run for 1, 4 or 8 hours before automatically powering off. Or if you want, you can turn the timer completely off.

Air Purifier AHAM CADR Certification

The AP-1512HH is an AHAM CADR certified air purifier. AHAM is the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. If your unit is AHAM certified then its guaranteed that the unit has been independently tested and its manufacturer’s claims are truthful.

What claims are these? Air purifier makers tend to look at three common particles. From most to least toxic these are: tobacco smoke, dust and pollen. They state that their products can reduce the amount of  these in a particular sized room within a fixed period.  This rating is known as the purifier’s Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

In this case the AP—1512 HH air purifier is rated: AHAM CADR: 233 (smoke), 246 (dust), 240 (pollen).
Which are actually pretty good ratings for a unit as cheap as this one. Other units test between 180-200 CADR.

Coway AH-1512HH Energy Usage

This unit is Energy Star rated so it  is guaranteed to use as little energy as possible, and save you money on your annual energy costs.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier Pros:
• 4 Stage air pollutant air purifier
• Includes both True HEPA Air Filter and Ionizer stages
• Particle Sensor Technology detects levels
• Auto Mode boosts fan speed to eliminate particles faster
• Automatically switches off fan to save energy once air is clean of particles
• Filter replacement alert

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier Cons:
• Possible Ionizer Ozone (but can easily be left off)

Coway AP-1512HH : Conclusion

The Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier is a compact portable and inexpensive air purifier.
It is energy star rated and it’s built in particle sensor and eco mode will help you minimize your energy bills. The 4 stage/3 filter approach will help reduce your maintenance costs by preserving your HEPA filter for a whole year. It also has an ionizer that has been certified as safe by the state of California. This allows you to get rid of dust particles in two different ways. In effect it is basically a two-in-one system – and you can leave the ionizer switched off.

This purifier uses an unusual combination of True HEPA filter, Vital Ion technology, Pre-filter and carbon filter. It is therefore capable of removing allergens, dust, smoke and bad odors. This keeps your room smelling fresh and your health safe.

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