Clean Air Optima Humidifier CA-602 with ionizer and aroma diffuser


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Humidifier with Ionizer Clean Air Optima CA-602

Suitable: 35m² / 80m³ / 375ft²

◾3in1: humidifying, air cleaning and aromatherapy!
◾Cold fogging
◾Easy maintenance!
◾Humidifier with Aromatherapy!
◾Ionizer 3.000.000/cm³
◾No replacement filters needed!

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier CA-602 with ionizer and aroma diffuser

Improvement of indoor climate through 3 functions in 1 device:
*Ultrasonic air humidification
*Air purification with ionizer
*Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Ideal for working and living spaces up to 35m²/80m³

Nowadays humans spend most of their time indoors: often it is up to 90% of the time. Hence reason enough to devote more attention to relative humidity and quality of indoor air!

Risks through dry, bad indoor air
Especially during the heating period, relative humidity in living and working spaces drops below the advised 50-55% level. In summer times relative humidity in apartments, offices and buildings is often too low because of air-conditioning.

Low air humidity has negative consequences for the well-being of humans and animals. If exposed too long to dry air conditions sicknesses of the respiratory system may occur.Furniture, wooden floors, antiques and plants also suffer from low humidity.

Clean Air Optima CA-602 provides optimal indoor climate The ultrasonic air humidifier Clean Air Optima CA-602 with its cold diffusion system, its ionizer for air purification and its aroma diffuser provides a relaxed scent experience and an ideal indoor climate in living and working spaces up to 35m²/80m³.
Two programs:
1. Combined cold ultrasonic air humidification with air purification through the ionizer
2. Ultrasonic cold water diffusion

• Ultrasonic water diffusion for cold mist
• Capacity min. 120 ml / h – max. 300 ml / h
• Content water tank 3, 5 litres
• Removable water tank
• 360° turnable mist distributor
• Manual operation with button
• Continuous regulation of the speed of humidification
• Permanent ceramic / nano-silver filter for water softening
• No need to replace the filter!
• Nano-silver against bacteria and smell formation
• Ionizer can be turned on and off on a LED display
• Capacity ionizer > 3.000.000 negative ions / cm³
• Active oxygen < 0,05 ppm
• Ultrasonic aroma diffuser
• Suited for the use of essential oils by Clean Air Optima
• Very silent < 25 dB (A)
• Dimensions 29,5 x 16 x 33,5 cm
• Weight: 1,7 kg (empty)
• Colours: white, water tank transparent
• Energy consumption only 30 Watt
• Electric tension 220 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz
• Security: TÜV, GS and CE tested
• Automatic turn-off and signal when the water tank is empty
• Guarantee: 2 years


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